Monday, March 21, 2016

Raise Responsibility

We have been having a great time in the Middle Team sharing our teaching and learning. Ask your children what they have been learning about, 'how we learn' and who their teacher has been.
Jaime Steele is working in Room 6 and has been teaching risk taking through art and looking at the work of Richard Killeen. Felicity Rea is working in Room 5 and has been investigating how sleep, food and exercise help us to learn. In Room 4 we have been looking at our behaviour levels and how we can raise our responsibility by following school procedures, being positive in our thoughts, words and actions; and using solving circles to resolve problems independently. The aim of this programme is to grow our children's level of responsibility for their learning.

Solving Circle with Lilianna

Tivinia reading the problem to be solved.

Our last session with group. An awesome team of learners!!

Levindianni drawing his reflection poster. 

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